Message from Director

With  the  ever-increasing  globalization  of  our  society  and  the  world  economy,  we  are  facing  a plethora of global-scale problems that extend beyond where we live, such as those involving the environment and energy. The people who are needed to resolve these problems must possess certain strengths: having keen discernment and insight, specialized knowledge and technology, creative vision and planning, ability to execute programs, and management and communication skills. It is essential that we stimulate international and personal exchanges to foster these skills and develop people who can make a difference in the world.

The role of the Center for International Exchange is to support the development  of global professionals in Japan and abroad who can tackle global-scale problems that transcend national boundaries, including environmental and energy problems. 
We engage in the following activities and programs to achieve this goal:

(1) Public relations (for example, operation of a website and information sessions in Japan and abroad)

(2) Study abroad programs and support for intake of international students

(3) Training for international coordinators, for example, and information sessions for various programs

(4) Other activities and programs

We hope that the  active use of these programs will lead to a future in which many talented people are making a bold difference in the world.
April 2016

Director, Center for International Exchange
(Executive Director, National Institute of Technology, Japan/ 
                                       President, National Institute of Technology, Ube College) 
Tomoyo Mitani